Fresh Element

FRESH - Element

Love is always fresh.

Reasonable Storage Capacity

6lb is the most common pet food pack weight. PETKIT features a 6lb capacity storage bucket so you don’t have to store it elsewhere or worry about it getting stale and moldy after opening. PETKIT considers and solves these issues with ease.

Hall Sensor
Work with magnet to check lid’s state, ensure the food release situation High Precision Sensor Checks the food outlet door’s status. The door will remain open when it senses an external force to prevent injury.
Infrared Sensor
Checks the motions of the motor and wheel, controlling the food release system to ensure feeding as planned.
Weight Sensor
PETKIT places the weight sensor inside the feeder to feedback the weight when feeding, also notifies you when not enough food is present.

Accompany Via Long-Range Remote
Worry about your pets at home but stuck in job? It’s time to get a PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder. Featuring a long-range remote, you’ll be able to feed your pets from a distance with a touch of a button.

Feed as planned for a healthy lifestyle
PETKIT offers an optimized feeding plan based on your pet’s information and background. You can also set up a feeding plan based on your schedule.