Cat Scratcher


Endless Fun

Just A Simple Cat Scratcher?

The fashion appearance is not enough! PETKIT sets cat scratcher, track, orange and green MEOW PLANETs in one, satisfies all your cats’ needs by offering hours of fun and entertainment. Not only is it a playground, but it is also a nice place to rest.

Play In More Ways.

Play And Sleep On Bigger Area scratcher
Place 330mm round scratcher at the center of the 4 IN 1 CAT SCRATCHER to offer a larger playground. Release cats’ inner energy by allowing them to scratch and play. It also can be a nice rest place when they are tired.

Circular Track, Have Fun By Chasing.

Unique circular track design can place the cats’ exclusive PETKIT MEOW PLANET inside to play. Release cats’ chasing instinct by rolling the MEOW PLANET in the track.

Two Colors, More Fun.

The green MEOW PLANET with aroma: place the finest quality catnip ball inside, full with all-natural smell to satisfy your cats. The orange MEOW PLANET with playful sound: place a little bell inside to cater to the acuity of your cats. Two different colors of the MEOW PLANETs come with PETKIT 4 IN 1 CAT SCRATCHER, can be played independently, can also be a replacement of the PETKIT 4 IN 1 CAT SCRATCHER. PETKIT offers better play experience by creating more play ways to have fun depends on your fur babies’ different needs.